"winning is endurance"
Tire Pressure Check: Under or over inflated
tires cause irregular tire wear, unpredictable
handling, high fuel consumption (if low psi),
and risk of a blowout.

Inspect Condition of Tires: Worn or
damaged tires present an unsafe condition.

Brake Pads & Rotors Inspection: Worn
pads, discs, and old brake fluid can
cause inconsistent braking performance.
Also, stopping distances can increase as well. Old brake fluid by itself
will cause a degradation of internal brake system components.

Inspect Accessory Drive Belts: Worn belts are prone to breaking. If
a belt breaks, it will likely leave you
stranded at the very least. In some cases
the broken belt can tangle up with the
pullies, which can cause damage to the
engine. Also, if your serpentine belt drives
the water pump, your engine will quickly
overheat if the belt breaks. Either way, a
broken serpentine belt will leave you
stranded in most cases.

Inspect Engine Air filter(s): A dirty air filter will
decrease fuel economy and engine performance.
Additionally, on some late model BMWs the
proper air filter has a layer of foam layer across
one side of the filter. On these vehicles a
standard (non-foam) filter will eventually cause
the check engine dash warning light to come on.
Check Engine Oil Level: If your engine oil level runs low, added wear
level. If your engine oil is changed at no more than 5000 mile intervals
(or sooner), your engine oil level will not require as frequent
topping-up, and your engine will have a longer life span.
will take place on the internal components of
the engine. Additionally, old oil (greater than
5000 miles) will also contribute to accelerated
wear inside your engine. The rapidly moving
parts act like a blender to your oil. Over time,
the long chain polymers that make up the
molecular structure of the oil gets sheared
down into smaller chains. As a result, the oil
loses its ability to cling to internal engine
component surfaces, and small amounts of
fuel "water" down the oil. This condition
allows the oil to migrate past piston rings and
valve guides, and consumed in the combustion
chambers. As oil ages, it requires more and
more frequent adding to maintain proper oil